Sunday, May 20, 2012

this post is so "tubular"

i've learned some things this weekend.

first of all...did you know that you can find out all sorts of stuff if you play truth or dare with a bunch of 5th grade boys?

secondly...the word "beast" is out and "tubular" is in.

here is an example of how to use it appropriately.  just in case you need to.

"that emenim song is so tubular."

and if you're really down with it...

"that emenim song is tubsies."

just keepin' it real.


friday night, we billion kids spending the night.

colt had 3 friends.  chase had 1.  aiden had 2.  and annslee counts as 3 people...easily.

aiden got a big mess of melted marshmallow in her hair.  we just pretended it wasn't there until i could get her inside and wash it out.  we were a little concerned that we were gonna have to cut that hot mess. case anyone is wondering...melted marshmallow comes out of hair relatively easily.

saturday was her last game of the season.

and tuesday is the first game of my new season.

i've recruited some friends to play on our team for the summer.

this should be good.

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