Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy birthday,'re officially "wee."

okay...sweet annslee james.
two days ago...on october was your turn.
the big 3 was here.
when people ask you how old you simply reply,
and that's how you say 3.
we celebrated you and chase on the previous friday night in a big way.
first of wore 2 piggy tails in your hair for the first time.  this is big.  huge.  your little wispies are growing.  slowly but surely.
we had a bit of a candy theme going.

you put on your shoes all by yourself for the first time too.  and it was a job well done.

the breeze was cool, and the pool had been warmed...welcoming you and chase and your siblings for the evening.

your biggest brother stuck close by...always protecting you, that one.

honey gave you your charm bracelet.  i had been saving your birthstone charm that granna and grandaddy gave you when you turned 1.  it was the perfect "first charm" for your bracelet.

on monday...your big day officially arrived.  your daddy and i woke you up by singing happy birthday.  you got embarrassed and covered your smile.

you got your first flowers from grandaddy...

and we enjoyed sesame street together.

then we got dressed and took a walk to the mailbox...where special presents were awaiting all the way from iowa.

fall had ushered in a cold front.  (we october babies get lucky sometimes.  i've been known to actually "wish" for a cold front for my birthday...and you got one, baby.)  you even had to wear my old fur coat from when i was 3 for our little trip.

when i come to get you out of your bed in the morning, i scoop you up with one hand because you are so if plucking you from your very own tree perch.  you wrap your legs, tight around my waist and your arms tight around my neck.  and i smile and whisper, "my little koala" into your ear as we walk down the stairs to start our days together.  you have grown to love that.  so...i had a friend make you this koala hat this past summer.

trout and "da-do" (that's what you call colton) walked with us to the mailbox.

once back opened your present from grandma sue and your present from aunt katie, uncle davey, tayler, aubree and sawyer.

remember how much you loved playing on this phone in the pottery barn store in iowa last summer?  now it's yours, kiddo.

this rapunzel doll came all the way from disney world.

we made "pup-cakes."

and met daddy, granna, grandaddy, and uncle kevin at tutti fruiti for a frozen yogurt, birthday celebration on the way to your very first gymnastics class.

that's where you opened your "baby."
julie looks like you........bright, blond hair and dark, brown eyes;

her own, mis-matchy style...

and a smile that lights up the world.

you were none-too-thrilled to go into gymnastics without me.  it was a rough go...

and you would only participate if i was the one spotting you.  they let it fly this time...but next're on your own.  and you can do it.  i know you can.
you're our flicka.
wild at heart.
and ready for anything.

and darling, one of the many things we love about you.

once bathed and ready for a sweet slumber...with visions of 3 year old birthday wonder dancing in your blew out the candle on your 3rd birthday. 

it was as sweet as you are.
happy birthday, flicka!!!  you're officially "wee."

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