Friday, October 05, 2012

sit a spell...

today will be spent getting ready for chase's and annslee's shared, family, birthday extravaganza tonight.
i never thought i would be the parent that makes her kids share a birthday party.  i is a fourth grade boy.  annslee is a (turning) 3 year old little girl.  that' opposite as you can get. fate would have only wanted a family party.  at a pool.  and as luck would have aunt and uncle have a beautiful, heated pool and hot tub in their fantastically landscaped backyard.  and annslee likes to swim too.  so...there ya go.  shared birthday party.
i will be making a monstrosity of a chocolate birthday cake covered with kit cats and m&m's today.
this week, fall inspiration came in orange and black.  we got our house halloween ready.
trout watched.

we took a break to paint...

and be entertained by kermit.

evidently, george bailey was tutoring colt in a little math.

if i can't enjoy fall colors on the golly...i will enjoy them in my cookies.  i'm a "make it happen" kinda girl.

i will make those colors...that my carolina friends are currently enjoying...appear in my sheets.

i  will light fall scented candles...and open the windows at night when the breeze becomes cool.

i will eat my weight in pumpkins.

i will tell my favorite joke.

and say, "boo to you" to all who enter here.

we are making fall happen.
and tomorrow night...i think a cool front is planning a visit.
come on in, fall.  sit a spell...and stay for a while.

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