Thursday, October 18, 2012

we're square

i haven't touched my good camera all week...unless you call my phone a camera...which i don't.  i call it the next best thing when i don't have my actual camera.  it will do the trick if i need it to.  but it's not the same.
it captured some things for me this week...when i instinctively went for my camera and realized i didn't have it but really wanted to capture the memory anyway.
like when this sweet friend took me to get an actual pedicure for an early birthday celebration.  i told you...i celebrate all month.  to be's the 24th...which is wednesday.  let that be a reminder.  :)
if my memory serves me correctly...this was my first pedicure.  this is something that i could get behind.  they rubbed my feet.  plus she painted halloween spiders on my toes.  it was exciting.

the phone camera also captured annslee hurling herself down the stairs on her stomach.  although you can see the problem.

when trying to take pictures of constant motion...

you have to bring out the big dog.
no piddly phone camera will work.  even if it does start with an "i" and have a cute, little apple with a bite taken out of it on the back.

it worked here.
"pup-cake" anyone?

and this one...well i fell in complete love with him all over again when i saw him carrying his baby sister's baby doll for her.
what a good big brother.

he pulled one of his bigger teeth this week.  i made the comment, "well...i guess the tooth fairy will need to make a visit tonight."
he just smiled.
obviously...i forgot.
the next morning, he said, "i just love what the tooth fairy left me."
i looked at him and smiled a "whoops" smile.
about 10 minutes later, i said..."hey, colt...did you feed trout?"
he said, "no."
i said, "you really can't forget to feed him."
he looked at me and said,
" we both forgot something.  we're square."

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