Monday, October 22, 2012

life today

this morning...i got a wild hair and took off annslee's diaper and didn't put a fresh one on her.  i told her...
"today we are going to use the potty."
she protested like she usually does...despite promises of candy and new toys.
she is sitting at the breakfast table in just her gown.  i'm expecting to be cleaning up pee in about 4 minutes.
why i am doing this to myself today, i will never understand.
i'm not really a planner.  i do my best work when i boldly announce,
"today we are going to target to find kitty cat ears."
"today we are going to clean out the linen closets."
"today we are going to go to the beach."
i have to go where the wind blows.  i have to be in the mood.  i have to be inspired.
how can i possibly know if i am going to be in the mood to clean the linen closets out days in advance?
speaking of...
it's a sign that life has spun completely out of control when i wake up and declare:
" life depends on whether or not my fridge is organized."
i blame pinterest.
although...i told chad, the other day that i thought my obsessive need to buy bins and baskets and organize the living daylights out of the fridge and upstairs closets had more to do with my need to feel like something is in order.  that i had taken something that was out of control...and whipped it into submission like a wild horse.  if i can't control our out of control schedule...then by-golly...we are going to have a linen closet right out of southern living magazine.  i need to know that i can complete something...and check it off the list as a project well done.
and this...

became this.

clearly...the grocery store needs to happen at some point.  our fruit bin is lacking.
and then on friday...this...(i forgot to take a picture before i cleared the shelves.)

became this:

guest soaps and shampoos, etc. will be in that jar and extra tooth brushes, etc. will be in the small basket.

i got rid of old sheet sets that we never used and replaced all our dingy, mis-matched towels with white ones.

and on the girl's side...we now have storage baskets down low for paper towels and toilet paper.

the awkward, hooded towels are rolled in a basket.

sleeping bags are rolled and within reach for impromptu, sibling, slumber parties or movie nights.
and a little bit of sanity has been re-stored.
flicka spent friday night trying to keep up with the big kids.  saturday, she hit a wall around 4.  i love that moment when all of the excitement and activity and fun finally gives in to sweet dreams.  when rest finally comes.
i got up early this morning to go over my lesson plan for colt.  i wanted to be prepared for him when he got up.  as soon as i opened my computer...her "cat-like" senses must have honed into the fact that i was up...because she popped right on up.

she's my right-hand friend...that one.  try as i might...she's not going to sit anywhere but my lap while i work.
and that's ok.
i'll take it while i can get it.

sweet Jesus must have known i needed a little help today...because look who made her pee pee come out in the potty!

yay you.
celebrate the little accomplishments...right?
an organized fridge...a pretty linen closet...
and taking one pee pee in the potty at a time.
*  before i could get this posted...she peed in her "undies" and is now throwing a complete tantrum because she wants a "biaper" on and screaming,
"I  NO WAN GO PEE PEE MORE...while shaking her head no."
that translates to "i don't want to go pee pee in the potty anymore."
i'm really unsure of where to go from here.
just keepin' it real.

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haverlee said...

Ah! So glad to hear of someone else's struggles in the pee pee department! Bennett was trained in about one week right before he turned three. Dawson is now 3 yrs and 1 1/2 months and we've had potty training successes and lots of fails. And I give up. I'm tired of cleaning up pee. I'm just waiting it out and hoping he just wakes up trained one day.