Wednesday, January 05, 2011

and the award goes to...

today i put makeup on for the first time since grandpa's funeral.  i think chad was starting to wonder if i was ever going to look any different than when i go to bed at night.  and trust's not a good look.  it's true.  i've been in either sweats or pajamas, with my nappy hair in a bun, and a naked face for a week.  watching the people's choice awards tonight is making me feel like a real winner.  which brings me to a point.  how many award shows do these people need to pat themselves on the back?  and how could i win one myself?  you don't see doctors or teachers or moms, for that matter, getting crap like that.  and i think we should.  i think i'll gather all my little mom friends and travel somewhere cool, rent a beautiful theater, dress in millions of dollars worth of gowns and diamonds, get our hair and makeup done, get all kinds of free stuff, give ourselves super expensive crystal or golden trophies, and then give speeches about how great we are.  i think i should be up for the "winner of the mom of the most children award" as well as "best supporting mom from the rocking chair while trying to keep a baby in on multiple months of bedrest".  or possibly..."winner of the being able to get 4 kids and myself dressed and hair done in 14 minutes flat with a crying baby hanging off my hip award."  those are just some suggestions.  i'm not totally settled on what i should be awarded for. 

that was a tangent, if i've ever been on one. 

today was good.  like i said, i got dressed, put makeup on, and ventured out of the house for the first time this year.  my mom came to watch aj so that i could go to the store to get some groceries.  i didn't bring my "a" game or anything.  i didn't even have a list.  but i had not been grocery shopping since before christmas.  we were starting to live off of dried, stale cereal.  it was not good.  a friend called and wanted me to stop by on my way to the store because she had something for me.  instead of a sympathy card, that she knew would just depress me and make me cry, she gave me a ponytail holder (she knows i like my bird's nest buns!!) with a silver heart on it.  it was the perfect gift.  i love friends that know what you need.  thanks g.

i actually fixed something for dinner...which is not really important.  other than to let you know that we are not living on fast food, lest you were concerned. 

supposedly, we are going to have an arctic blast at the end of this week.  i'll believe that when i see it.

here's to getting out of sweats, putting on a little lip gloss, groceries, and a dressing up of my nappy hair.

happy wednesday.  (and by happy...i mean, a day without tearing.  i think.)


Me said...

You are beautiful with or without makeup and you can where all the sweats you want. If it was socially acceptable you could even drape yourself in velvet.

Anonymous said...

i love you, mindy! i would vote for you on all of the awards. love,amanda

Anonymous said...

meant.. you can WEAR all the sweats

m.c. said...

george costanza...i mean, Me...i figured that's what you meant. :)