Sunday, January 23, 2011

their's a fun place to visit. i may even want to live there.

it's possible that there could not be a mother more in love with her children than i.  make no mistake.  there are times when colton's arguing, chase's moodiness, aiden's refusal to eat anything that doesn't fall under the "snack" category, and annslee's pure, stubborn will are enough to make you throw your hands in the air and wonder, "where are your parents?"  but, when i allow myself to meander through their moments with them, talk to them...really talk to them, and listen to them...really listen, i am simply blown away by their little thoughts and dreams and ideas...their reasons why? they make the decision they did...and there really is a good reason.  usually.  they are always thinking, wondering, playing, dreaming, figuring, imagining, learning, inventing, plotting, planning, protecting...themselves or something that means something to them, and loving.  and to meet them in their

these short stories are from their mouths.  their thoughts.  their dreams.  their love.  their world.


-  a short time ago, chase found me in the kitchen and if he had been pondering this all day...which is a lifetime for a child, "Mommy.  If Christopher Reeve was here - I'd tell him about Jesus."

-  aiden was quietly and diligently coloring at the table in the school room, where she had been for a while.  i went in to quickly check on her progress and without pausing her soft strokes of crayon or looking up from her picture she asks, "Can I send something to Heaven?  Like mail it?  There's something I'd like to send Grandpa."

-  as i tucked chase in the other night, i took his face in my hands and pat his soft, smooth cheek.  he paused in thought and deliberately asked, " I need to shave?"  i smiled and replied, "Not just yet."  then he knowingly said, "Yeah...maybe when I'm 12."

-  i cracked aiden's door to see her lamp on...softly lighting her little girl room.  she was snuggled in bed...looking my if she had been waiting for me.  i walked to her and kissed her forehead goodnight.  i noticed that her beloved bear, hershey, wasn't tucked in with her.  she whispered, "Mom...I need Hershey."  i asked, "Where is she?"  aiden answered, "Downstairs.  On the short couch with only 2 cushions."  i said, "I will bring her up to you, but it won't be until after I take a bath.  Ok?"  aiden asked, "How many minutes will that be?"  I replied, "ummmmm...about 20."  She pops up, wide-eyed and loudly wonders, "20 minutes!!!!  are you gonna play?"  no honey...i don't usually play with the bath toys when i take a bath.  but i appreciate your willingness to share. 

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