Monday, January 24, 2011


storytime in my house is leaving something to be desired, presently.  try as i might, i can not get my little snuggle bunny to sit still for even a fraction of a second to look and listen to me read her a story.  it's just.not.working.  there is a small exception to the rule.  if she knows i am getting ready to put her in her bed for the night, she will lay back on my chest, as i sit tight in the chair in her room (which used to be the "nursing" chair and now must be re-named something sweet and positive, like the "story" chair to keep me from being insanely sad that my baby is officially weaned and that, yet another part of her babyness is gone...poof) and read goodnight moon.  she will calmly listen and look at the pictures and point at the three little bears...sitting on chairs, or the two kittens and the pair of mittens.  but, that's it.  and that is just because she wants to stay up as long as humanly possible.  so it technically doesn't count as storytime.  it's more like.....act like i care about this so that she won't put me in that bed time.  i know what you're thinking.  just read to her then if that's when she will listen, and let it go.  BUT...i love to read books to the kids.  colton will listen to me read anything.  he will even listen to the stories that are more geared for the american girl doll books.  aiden will sit in my lap or curl up on the couch and listen to a variety of tales...often asking me to read them again and again and again.  chase.....well.....he's another story.  he can't sit still or pay attention to save his life.  he's in and out, up and down, rolling, pouncing, or daydreaming.  so i guess the puddin cup comes by it naturally.  she gets it from her brother.  anyway...i keep trying, and she keeps squirming.  today, before her nap...i got out an especially baby girlish book, complete with fuzzy fir and animated animals and i found myself yelling out the story over her squeals and squirms to get away.  i even kept reading to her as she was, all but RUNNING away from me down the hall.  when i was left in an empty hallway, reading look who's ticklish (if that's even the real title)...TO MYSELF...i thought, "what the heck am i doing?"  then i laughed.  then i re-thought my ability to ever homeschool....should we ever go that route.  the two have to be related somehow.

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Texas Slowpoke said...

Think about y'all often. My parents are about to move full time to clear lake shores. We homeschool so if you need weekday playmates maybe we can get together sometime. I would love to see you and meet your kiddos. I love reading your blog. What a precious family!