Thursday, January 13, 2011

the run

i went running a few days ago.  i'm just now recovering.  it didn't start out as a run.  chad came through the door and somehow knew that he needed to take over homework duty right away.  thankfully.  i don't know what i was thinking...other than that i hadn't been out of the house in a couple of days (other than to pick the kids up from school...which doesn't really count) and i wanted to feel this cold snap everyone was talking about.  so...i dusted off my nikes and told chad to hold down the fort...that i was going for a little walk around the block.  he said, "good for you."  which i thought was peculiar at the time, and i'm still not sure exactly what he meant.  i think it was in reference to my lack of physical activity lately.  and by lately...i mean the last 10 years or so.  anyway...i grabbed the ipod and hit the sidewalk.  because i used to be a runner, i guess it felt weird to just be walking.  so i started to jog.  i made a goal for myself to make it to the end of the street without stopping.  and when i got to the end of the street, i decided to try to make it until the end of the block.  and when i made it to the end of the block, i decided to try to make it around the block and to the park.  when i got to the crossing to get to the park, a car was coming and i had to stop.  which was a good thing...because my everything was starting to hurt.  even my uterus.  i thought, "dear God...i've bounced my tired, ole, worn out uterus to the point of rupturing or something."  i ran/walked the rest of the way home.  when i rounded the corner for home...i felt really good.  i had run 80 % of the time...and i was pretty proud of myself.  i knocked on the front door and waiting for someone to let me in.  at that point...i wasn't feeling so good anymore.  my ears where freezing, my lungs started burning, my shins hurt, my uterus was still cussing at me, and i started feeling a little pass outish.  i all but fell in the door when chase opened it.  chad looked at me...non impressed.   i sat in the foyer...leaning against the wall and tried to breath slowly while chad went back to chase's math homework.  i could have the sound of second grade word problems. it could be a while before i do that again.  now that i think about it...inside the house is a great place to be.


uk said...

good for you!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing... i have been feeling like I just need to run.... you may have helped me change my mind!

Laura said...

Running in the fresh air is therapy! You know you wanna go again. :)