Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 birthday celebrations

friday night, we threw mom a surprise birthday party at our house.  it was quite the shin-dig.  all of our family and a lot of her good friends were here.  we ate, and played  loaded questions...which i will say is a pretty fun game.  i got it that day...especially for the party.  i had cleaned the house...except for my bedroom, where i threw all the laundry that needed folding.  guess where everyone decided to hide???  MY BEDROOM!!   that was special.  this is a picture of her when she walked in.  i never knew my mouth opened so big when i laughed.  i'm gonna need to work on that.

saturday,  chad and i took 8 kids to the harlem globetrotters for colt's birthday.  he chose to do that instead of having a birthday party.  good idea!  it was super fun. here's the group.  aiden was my big helper.  we had to keep these boys in line.

i found myself yelling..."OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!" after a ton of their shots.  especially after dunks like this one.  these guys were amazing.  look at the air he got.

colton was glued to the court the whole time. he's become quite the little basketball player. he scored 12 points in his game earlier that day...including a shot at the buzzer. he plays point...just like his daddy.

 i would see these guys if you ever get the chance. totally worth it. especially if you take along a few 10 year old boys!!

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meredith said...

both parties look like so much fun! i love your mom's face in the first photo!! i can see how much your kids look like her!! I love your face in the background!!! I don't think you should work on that face, it is perfect. All that laughter & joy coming out!!! Ha! No, seriously...don't mess with it. i love your smile & your laugh.