Saturday, March 10, 2012

blustery nights need clovers

so, spring break is here.'s not feeling very spring-y.  non-springy example number one is that aiden and annslee went to bed tonight in their matching hot cocoa jammies instead of their sweet, cotton gowns.

it was...and still is...rainy and cold.  it was the perfect night to bake homemade lemon bars with grandma sue.

and i took it upon myself to "spring" it up a little bit with the smell of tulips.

sister has had a cold for a week now.  and i'm pretty sure...several days ago she sneezed in my mouth, which is probably why i have a killer sore throat and woke up with body aches this morning.  it was all i could do to drag myself to pilate's today.  but i know me well.  and if i start missing...for any reason other than being hospitalized...then i will start convincing myself that i should miss for a hang nail.

i suppose she needed to blow her nose.


this one hasn't been without a dolly in her arms for going on 3 days now.

they come everywhere with us.  they have seen every isle in target and also know the mall fairly well.  we dress them, undress them, and dress them again more times in the day then i can count.'s not easy to talk her out of giving them baths.

there is something about a little girl with her doll that makes my heart pitter patter.  it's just so sweet.

she's a very good mama.

and i tell her so.

she was tired tonight.  all that mothering can really take it out of a person.  especially a baby person.

aiden played a little "just dance" to kick off her spring break.  the girl can break it down pretty fiercely.

it was good that they were entertaining themselves...because i was not feeling it at all.  i don't have time to have a cold.  i checked my calendar...and it's not on there.


and just when i was starting to feel sorry for myself, these came through the door.  chad and his mom went to the store to get the stuff to make to lemon bars...and surprised me with a for real...

wait for it...

clover plant!!!!!!!!

this was just what the doctor ordered to brighten my non-springy, irish spirits.

and these cough drops will, hopefully get me through the night...

which ended in my most favorite way.

i love it when all 4 kids are freshly bathed and showered and jammied and snuggle together in our big, cabiny bed.

maybe a cold, blustery night isn't such a bad thing after all.

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