Tuesday, March 27, 2012

we all need friends, afterall

welp...as if the universe just haaaaaaaad to swoop in and crap poop all over my daisys...

last night, after our dinner outdoors, we strolled down the driveway to pay a visit to our across-the-street-neighbors and i stopped to check on my morning doves.

right away i noticed that mama dove wasn't perched in her usual place...the place where i've grown so accustomed to paying her a visit...and worse, the nest looked disturbed.  even though i told myself that she could be off gathering food for her babies-(after all, i had watched her do so many times)-i immediately felt that something was wrong.  looking closer, i didn't see the soft downy feathers of the babies.  without pause, i climbed the tree to look in the nest.  they were all gone.

with one eye shut, like a child trying hard not to see something upsetting or scary, i peeked around on the ground under the tree.

and there he was.  the baby morning dove.  eyes closed.  still breast.

i don't know where the other baby is.  and i can't imagine where my mama friend is mourning.  i do wish i could comfort her though.  i would tell her, as i did ever other visit,

"you are such a good mama.  you are doing such a good job."


in other news...we have had weather straight out of a southern living magazine photo shoot for the last 7 days.  we took full advantage this weekend and spent the majority of it outside.

i decided to pull the old patio table and chairs out of it's resting place in the garage and give them a coat of spray paint and new chair pads.

never underestimate the power of a hose being able to convince children that helping can be fun.  they totally helped me wash without complaining.

sister was willing to wash anything.

it truly needed a good scrubbin'.  and she took her job very seriously too.

we had to do some moving around.  we really want to extend our patio, but that seems pretty labory.

the cat was pretty tired from all his watching out the window.

now that i feel totally experienced with a can of spray paint...every brass fixture in our home better watch out.  i had no idea how easily and quickly a can of spray paint can transform something.  i'm seein' black door knobs in our future.

we have been enjoying our old, new table in lots of ways, already.

i tried to talk her into changing our go fish game to texas hold em...

but she just sorta looked at me funny.

and sister totally helped me "go fish" when necessary.

when i saw her in the middle of this painting...the song,

"you are my sunshine..."

started playing in my mind.

i absolutely love this next picture.  sister's arms reaching up...all "gimme" like.

try as she might...she just can't get those bubbles blowin' like her sister.

dinners have a new feel these days.  more relaxed.  more conversation.  happier.  better.

these kinda suppers are the perfect catalyst for allowing the activity of the satisfying spring days to wash over you...giving way to the moon and stars making their appearance, perfectly choreographed with yawns and resting heads.

according to pinterest...i needed a cleaning calendar.  now...if you know me at all...you will know that this is right up my ally.



displayed with twine........check, check.

i took the example on pinterest and tweaked it to work for me.

and...i must admit...it's working well.

i've always been a "take 2 days and clean the whole house" kinda girl...but with 4 kids and the increasing laundry loads, messes, activity and clutter...it was a job that was never quite finished before we'd have to start all over again.


here's to a beautiful spring day.  it's gonna be hard taking the puddin cup outside this morning after the sesame street power hour.  i know my old mama friend is not gonna be there today.  i wonder if she will miss me as much as i will miss her?  i like to think so.

we all need friends......


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Natalie Bland said...

I love your chore list. You inspired me to make one for our house!