Wednesday, March 21, 2012

chapter 2

sister loves herself a dog.  any dog will do.

an 8 week old pit puppy at the beach...

or a beagle at the park.  it doesn't really matter.

i had to dump some of the random iphone pictures here...because i don't know what else to do with them.  we made the rain forest cafe tradition happen after the beach...and the wait was 2 hours.  i think it's safe to say we won't be doing that again.  even though we put our names in and then went back to the beach...the wait and crowd has gotten a little ridiculous.

her daddy got her dressed this particular morning while i was at pilate's.  i was pretty amazed by his fashion talents. even though those were her brother's overalls...everything matched and the shoes were on the right feet.  he's learning.

that hair is really working hard at growing.  we have a flip happening in the back that just makes me want to do a cartwheel.


this year's theme of the week was a variety show.  you may remember last year's play/puppet show.  this year...on day 1, i had them submit their acts to me and then they had to practice all week.  we have a talented bunch.  we decided to set it up outside around the fire pit.  they opened with a little boot scootin' boogie group number.

they informed me what they were going to be doing...

and then they did it!!

we had tayler on the flute...

chase singing a little johnny cash...

sawyer singing a little wobble...with his very own back-up dancers...

aiden and chase singing june carter and johnny cash's "jackson"

a little a, b, c action...

some 1,2,3,4 by fiest lip syncing...

eternal flame solo (oh yeah...she did it)

and the shake down finale...

complete with back up radio city rockettes.

the doll manned the marshmallows...just for safe keeping.

and then the after party began.


st. patrick's day happened.  it was combined with the RODEO...which was really throwing off my outfit choices.  we just had to divide it.  green for the first half of the day...cowgirl for the second.

breakfast was lucky charms, green milk, and junk that the kids picked out.

this one refused the lucky charms!  apparently, she's not irish.

he shot his first bb gun.  he didn't want me to take a picture because the gun happened to be pink...but i snuck one.

they played a nasty trick on me and found a dead baby bird and set it up in the yard like colt had shot it off the roof.  they ran in and told me to come out there.  when i did...they were all huddled over the dead bird and telling me what a great shot colt had made.  what they didn't expect was for me to tear up and start crying like a baby.  oh...the tears were flowin' and by that point they were scared to tell me they were kidding.

it was all my brother-in-law's idea and he just started profusely apologizing.  i was crying so hard (and i'm not kidding about that) that i couldn't even pull it together to successfully get out, "so colt really didn't kill the baby bird."  it just sounded like the sup-sups.

they were scared of me for the rest of the morning.

one would poke their head in the back door...look around...listen...and report back,

"i don't think she is crying anymore!!!!"

i would hear it all through the window and laugh.

they were a little scared of me when i grabbed the gun.  :)

and then lookie who caught her first lizard!!

i guess there's nothin like being taught by your 6 year old daughter!!  remember when she caught a lizard just the other week and i freaked out??  she taught me how to not be scared.  i love that.

note to self...the rolling out of bed/no make-up look does not really work for me.

the little girls constructed and named their very own camp sight.  they let me be an honorary member, even though my name doesn't start with an "A"...because i made the sign.

the RODEO comes next.  and trust you's a whopper of a tale.

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