Wednesday, March 28, 2012

goodnight, y'all

it's that mixture of sadness and happiness that keeps me on my toes.  if you didn't have wouldn't truly know happiness.  except if you think about how God intended it to be...before the fall of man...i'm sure we were all supposed to be laughing and joyful and stuff all the time, and it sure wouldn't have taken a baby bird falling from a nest to make you realize how great eating supper outside can be.  but...the whole need for sadness to appreciate happiness makes sense in my limited, imperfect, earthly world.

unfortunately, sad became gross in a matter of seconds when we saw that our dead dove had been half eaten by some disgusting animal and the carcass was displayed proudly in our yard.

i was over it.

aiden struggled and needed some lovin'...but i was the strong one this time.  that's right.  no uncontrollable tears here.  i explained the circle of life.  i maaaay have even sang the song.  actually...i really didn't.  i swear.

i skipped out on bible study tonight and had my parents stay for dinner after they brought annslee home instead.  i love impromptu celebrations.  i don't know what we were celebrating...but i'm sure it was something.

maybe it was the change of the season.  maybe it was the warm breeze.  maybe it was the spaghetti.  maybe it was the old, new patio or the brand new umbrella.  or maybe it was just each other.

it could have been hop scotch.  i had completely forgotten about this gem of a game.  i can't believe i had let so much time go by without bringin' this one out.  luckily, my mama had her head screwed on straight and realized that if there was gonna be side walk chalk...then, by golly...there was gonna be hop scotch.

this was the puddin cup's first go at hoppin' scotch.

it wouldn't be our driveway if the little, big man wasn't shootin' some serious hoops.  he's found his niche', this one.  the one thing...that makes you so happy that you want to do it all the time and if you're not doing it...your dreaming about doing it.  mine was gymnastics.  mama said that she talked to my feet more than she talked to my face.  i was on my hands constantly.  every kitchen tile pattern became a beam; every open space a tumbling mat; and if i was lucky enough to get my hands on a swing set could bet a glide kip was comin'.  and just forget about the flips that i did off my bed.  i don't know how i didn't break a bone.'s about time that this one find his thing.

we purchased our "old school" lawn chairs from walmart last night after soccer practice.  none of this fold-up-fit-into-a-bag chair for us.  no sirree.  we needed the real deal.  and the girls are nothin' but thrilled with the deal.

aiden found her easter basket present today.  i thought i had it properly rolled up in my pilate's mat in the car...but obviously i was mistaken.  because when i walked out of the gate after dinner tonight...she was proudly displaying it above her head as if she was mary poppins.  what are you gonna do?  it's not like i could tell her that the easter bunny had sent me a text, telling me to go ahead and pick it on up for him.

i simply love these pictures.  just look at that little arm taking hold of her big sister's chair...making sure she stayed close.

i knew i should have bought two.  she stole it the second the sweet pea wasn't lookin'.

she wanted the guitar.

but johnny cash was in the middle of a song...and it wasn't happening.

what concert is complete without bubbles?  i think people should think long and hard about adding bubbles to their shows.  i'd pay more.  who doesn't love bubbles?

except this guy.  he hates them.  he says they're "sticky."  i said...what's not to love???  it's soap.  who doesn't like soap???

we may have a new, little johnny cash fan.  she did some of her very own clappin'.

i need to go tuck in a little girl.  she has finished her home-reader and is in need of prayers, kisses, and a lullaby.  i think that's a perfect way to end a perfect evening.

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