Thursday, March 22, 2012

when the mundane becomes miraculous

I know I said that The RODEO was up next...but isn't it a girl's prerogative to change her mind?  The RODEO will have to wait because of the excitement of the every day.  It's no secret that I have a hard time transitioning from the over-the-top-week-of-fun back to the every day.  Often times...the miracles and magic of the every day get over shadowed and, just plain ignored, because of they are intermingled with the mundane.  But...I happen to have a knack for noticing the tiny treasures of the every day.  I think it's because I am often looking at life through the lens of a camera or the story on a blog...and certainly setting it all to the music in my head...if not the ipod. can imagine the excitement that lingered long after Aiden pulled her second tooth her very, own self.

She made it finally happen in the morning...which left her all day to dream about the tooth fairy visiting that night.  She decided to write her a letter and I nearly couldn't contain my love for her as she went to her wallet's hiding place that evening at bed time and pulled out a dollar.

"I'll leave my tooth fairy this dollar for her work."

"Can You pLease Sind A Pikchr uv You !

My toth came out!"

After failing at convincing her Uncle Davey that he should dress up in a Tinkerbell costume for me to take a picture...I opted for writing her back.


I would take a picture of me, but I don't have a camera.  Way to pull that tooth though!  Keep brushing!!


I am also tooooooo small to hold a camera anyway!"

Then I drew a picture of myself as a tooth fairy and drew an arrow and said,

"This is sorta what I look like.  I'm not a great drawer."

I topped it off with $2 and some glitter and boy oh boy...did that offer hours of entertainment for her.

She has already decided what she is going to ask her tooth fairy next time.  I have a feeling, I'm gonna have to get creative.


We spent a good portion of the evening outside last night.  The lighting was too perfect to not have the camera out.  I just let Colton think that my main purpose in life is to irritate him with a camera.

Spring evenings outside make me long for Summer nights...when we can stay out way past bed time and watch the sun go down and the fireflies come out.  I don't have to worry about looking at my watch or asking if homework is done.  I can tuck freshly bathed kids in my bed to fall asleep watching a movie together and know that they are right where they should be.


The puddin cup and I spent just as much time outside today.  She is showing off the fact that she is wearing my little, red sandals from when I was her age. these things make me happy.  And to see her little feet tucked in them does something to me.  And anyway...who doesn't love red sandals?

My little feet and her little feet have done a lot of walkin' in those things.  I love the slick, worn soles.  It shows we've been places...her and I.

We checked on our mama dove and her eggs...and wouldn't you know that those babies picked the perfect day to hatch!

We walked ourselves across the street and visited.

People don't visit enough anymore.

Visiting is different than talking because when you visit...their doesn't need to be any agenda.  It usually involves coffee or tea or a coke-a-cola...and kids running around without a care in the world.  When I was little, every evening in the Summer, all the neighbors in the cul-de-sac would bring their sweet teas and their lawn chairs and gather in our driveway.  We were the center house and the perfect meeting place.  The adults would sit back, relax and visit while they sipped their beverage and watched the kids play until well after dark.  We scattered from game to game and yard to yard under the watchful eyes of our parents.  That's when I learned the ropes of cops and robbers, night hide and seek, and visitin'.  (That's southern for visiting.)

And just look at who's rolling!!

These are the moments when the mundane becomes miraculous.

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