Monday, March 05, 2012

lizards and laundry rooms

i can't tell you what the warm sun has done for my spirit.  it's amazing to me how something as simple as the weather can have such an impact on the overall mood of a person.

we jumped into full spring action this weekend.

and it was about time.

when i was a little girl...i was wiiiiide open!  (that's texan for..."wild.")  my dad's pet name for me was "bull"...short for bull in a china closet.  at the time...i hated it.  i've learned to embrace and even appreciate my bullish tendencies.  i could most often be found outside and barefoot.  my mom told me that she felt like she talked to my feet more than my face because i was always tumbling through the house...thanks to an early obsession with mary lou retton.  and i didn't care about things like dirt stains or germs.

there was one thing, though, that i would NEVER do.

under no circumstance...would i EVER touch an amphibian or reptile.  of any kind.  no matter what.  i still have flashbacks of riding my bike home from swim team practice one morning and 2 boys thinking it would be funny to throw a lizard at me.  oh...the terror.

so you can imagine my surprise when i sighted my eldest daughter chasing around a lizard on the patio of pappasitos yesterday at lunch instead of enjoying her tortillas.  and then...she surprised me even more when i saw her little hands reach out...totally sure of catch the thing.  i'm happy to say that my first instinct was to grab the camera.

and my second one was to crinkle my nose and squeal, "ew...aiden...i think he wants down."

i was immensely proud of my girl.


it was time to go to work outside.  bushes needed trimming.  weeds needed pulling.  and we all needed the sun.

if there is dirt within a 100 yard radius...sister will find it.

she is happiest when she is outside.

little, big man learned how to weed a flower bed.

we're gettin ready for soccer season round here.  aiden practiced all afternoon on saturday and this one wasn't far behind.


back when the pinterest inspired pantry happened...i told chad to just keep that paint brush handy because the pinterest inspired laundry room was not far behind.

it only took a couple of hours on saturday morning to convince him of why this needed to happen.

he built the shelf with some scrap wood that was already in the garage.  and then we used the left over paint from the pantry.

after a trip to walmart...we ended up with this.

i'm not sure that my love of laundry will be re-kindled...but i'd sit and have my coffee in this room any day.

happy march monday.

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