Saturday, March 03, 2012

tired spring walk

after finding my own spring inspirations the other day...the sun finally followed.  in no time...we are going to be giving bathing suit hose baths, eating dinner on the patio, and staying out, long past dark.  i, for one, can't wait.

i love when seasons enter and exit.  i remember the feeling that i would get as a kid when the first cold front would blow in and when the first warm breeze would call for a short sleeve shirt.  it's exciting.  it's promising.  it's inspiring.

never underestimate the power of pastel sugar.  the possibilities are endless.  i see some serious st. patrick's day cupcakes coming our way.

let's talk about how happy this st. patrick's sign makes me.

maybe you didn't know...i'm irish.

i think i'm gonna start calling the kids "laddie."

serious inspiration comes from long, flowy skirts and fresh, red strawberries.  but when you put the strawberries ON the skirt...step back.

and sister friend is gonna be wearing footie jammies till she's in college if i have anything to do with it.

didn't i tell you that i was gonna find a tulip or two?  why yes...those would be mini cadbury eggs in that tulip.  serious spring. 

it was obviously time that the spring sheets hit the bed.

when you're irish...every clover patch calls for four leaf clover searches and the making of clover flower head dresses.

this week, winter cabin and cedar scents gave way to coconut and sweet pea while blonde highlights made me feel a little more myself.

i've become a little obsessed with twine lately.  that stuff can cover anything.

would you believe that chase found this on clearance at joann's?  how could i tell him no?  the boy neeeeeds this blanket.  so...we're gonna need to make this happen at some point.

look who's the size of a pony.

when i happened upon this scene this afternoon...i instantly had memories of myself sitting on this very roof as a child.  i sat on this roof a lot.  and now she can too.  i loved seeing her there.

and so can she.

i'm gonna be honest tonight.  i'm so tired.  i'm more tired than i've been in a long time.  i don't know why, either.  maybe it's the complete and utter shock that my body is in after 2 weeks of pilates.  maybe it's my body's way of fighting off the cold that annslee has snotted all over me.  or maybe it's just that my ability to deal with tantrums in lacking.  maybe i'm old.  i don't know.  but what i do know is that i have gone to bed at 8:30, two nights in a row and this morning...chad let me go back to bed after i got the kids off to school and i slept until 10:30.

that's not normal.  i don't like being tired.

however i'm feeling...i think annslee is feeling exactly the same.  sister had worked herself into a hot mess by tonight.  and she was letting us all know how she the form of tears, screams, hitting, flailing, throwing herself on the floor, and yelling "NOOOOOO" at the top of her little lungs.

i wanted nothing more than for her to go to bed...but there was no matter how tired i was...that i was going to let her day end like that.

i scooped her up and told her we were going for a moonlit walk.  she sniffled "ok", put her head on my shoulder and i kept a slow and steady pace down the lamp lit sidewalk.  i watched the night breeze blow her whispy hair and felt her dangling legs get heavier the moment she gave in to sleep.

i'm hoping that she and i both will feel better in the morning.

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